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"Do you want to leave an intentional legacy?""Do you want to leave an intentional legacy?"

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R360 Productions offers the opportunity to convey your life’s story as both a beautifully produced private autobiography and a documentary film. Far from an exercise in self-aggrandizement, creating these assets is an essential service to future generations.

Research shows that in families of means, wealth is typically dissipated by the third generation because it has conveyed without the values that inspired its creation. Your most powerful tool for influencing generations you may never meet is your story. By giving your heirs the benefit of your life lessons, you can help forge their identity and prepare them to be responsible stewards of your name and estate. Your legacy, preserved for generations you may never meet, can serve as the cornerstone for a dynasty. And it all begins with your story.

"If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased."

- Maya Angelou -

The Legacy Film

What is a Legacy Film?

Directed and produced by one of our highly regarded filmmakers, your Legacy Film tells your story.  It documents how events in your life have created your family values which in turn helped build your vision for the future.  

The documentary is strictly private.  It’s a humble way to tell future generations, which you may never meet, the story of your wealth creation, wealth struggle, significant events and influences in your life that allowed you to succeed.  

Strategic wealth creators have the responsibility to pass on their values from one generation to another.  The most effective way to pass on your values is through storytelling.

What is the production process?

There are three stages to filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production. In other words, research, filming, and editing. Our filmmakers will capture and compile your story.  Typically a production takes three months from research to completion.

The Lifetime Memoir

Share your life’s story or immortalize a loved one with a beautifully written and produced private autobiography.  We understand just how meaningful it is to commit your life story to print. By providing best practices, expert attention to detail, and a finished book like no other we make the experience enjoyable, predictable and straightforward. You will also be asked to gather photos, family history, and other mementos, which will be incorporated to powerfully convey your story. The resulting hardbound book gives friends and family a tangible record of your shared history, and an enduring treasure-trove of memories.

Worth Books Publishing

What is Worth Books Publishing?

Worth Books is a publishing platform that connects, informs and inspires our community to make a positive impact on the world. We provide a compelling way for executives and entrepreneurs to grow their personal brand and business by bringing their stories from the boardroom to the bookstore. From ghostwriting to marketing and distribution, we work with our authors to tailor a partnership that fits their needs, goals and objectives.

Most entrepreneurs and business leaders want to publish a book, have a desire for traditional distribution and also want to retain the rights to their work. Until now, they’ve had no outlet to do so. Worth Books, in partnership with R360 and Forefront Books, changes the game in publishing for our authors by leveraging the substantial audience and digital platform of Worth Media and the expertise and distribution power of Simon & Schuster to now offer a one-of-a-kind path to authorship. Authors who publish with Worth Books receive a suite of unique products and opportunities, as well as the publishing acumen behind dozens of New York Times bestsellers. Everyone has a story and we would love to help you tell yours.


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